Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Change - this seems to be the catch phrase of the moment. While admittedly some change is good, there is also change that isn't so good.

Nikki and Tony moved back to Pittsburgh over the Easter weekend. This is clearly a good change. I'm thrilled to have them back! They are living temporarily in Mom's addition. My parents would be delighted it is being put to good use. It's gone pretty well all in all, but there is always some little rifts to any change.

Tony is 3/4 of the way through the acceptance procedure to the PA State Police Academy. He has passed everything so far with flying colors. I know he will make a fantastic State Trooper. He's hardworking, honest and has a good grasp on right and wrong. He follows laws and procedures to the letter. We're really proud of him. The only drawback is that our wonderful governor has decided to hold this incoming class off until December. We really thought he would start the Academy this summer, but budget cuts dictate differently.

Nikki hasn't had a lot of luck finding a good job, though she scans want ads and job sites daily. I have hope she will find something to her liking soon. She's bright, hardworking and incredibly organized (the organized part definitely didn't come from her mother!). We're equally proud of her - always have been!

All in all, the move has been a positive one even though they are finding it difficult to find places to store all their things. It's fun to see their little space all set up with their furniture and pictures, as well as to be greeted by their kittens when I stop over for a visit. It's also great to have someone else to help with the horses. Nikki is enjoying just spending time with them and from their expressions when she enters the barn, I'd say the feeling is mutual!

The change that isn't so wonderful around here is the soon to be Cap and Trade policy currently up for review from the Obama administration. I find it really hard to understand how ANY American politician can bankrupt an entire industry in good conscience. Cap and Trade will destroy the coal industry. There are tens of thousands of hardworking Americans who will be laid off as a result. Dave's and my business will be harmed greatly by this. Forty-five percent of our clients are coal related.

But hey - CHANGE is the catch phrase of the day, right?